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To pursue academic excellence through quality instruction and collaboration.

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To prepare students to succeed in a technological and diverse society through a sense of accountability, diligence, cooperative work ethic, and spirit of collaboration.


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Home of the Eagles


I was drawing a cartoon bird in the cafeteria when principal, Mr. Carlos Ortiz, asked me if I wanted to draw the school mascot of an “Eagle."  I immediately replied, "Yes, if Mr. H. helps me!" The next day Mr. H. and I started drawing and ended up with 4 rough drafts. Finally, Mr. Ortiz approved the “Eagle” you now see flying in our school website. There you have it … the School # 29 “Eagle” by me, Marc Maysonet!      

Kindergarten is Learning About Culture :-)

This winter, Mrs. O'Hare and Ms. Wilenchik's Kindergarten classes studied art of making masks from Africa. We viewed many examples and talked about where and when we have seen masks in real life. Their design had to have symmetry (meaning the same items on each side), have color, and have 3 dimensional effects such as feathers and beads.

In many cultures masks are used to tell stories, celebrate important events or teach a lesson. Our students designed their own African masks with a quick personal narrative about it. Some examples were "I Am a King from Egypt" and "I Am a Scary Monster to Teach People How to Be Nice."



Mr. Carlos Ortiz


Ms. Betty McCann

Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR)

ABR Grade

School 29's ABR Grade is 49 out of 75 points.
PPS ABR Grade is 47 out of 75 points.

ABR District and School Grade Report

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